Susans beware in Stalking Susan

Stalking SusanTelevision news is a cut throat business and the competition is intense. Riley Spartz, an investigative reporter, is not quite as young or as pretty as her boss, though the worst part is that her boss thinks cute heartwarming stories are the way to go for the ratings not investigative stories especially about murder. Riley is determined to do her kind of reporting even though her own job might be on the line.

When a police source gives Riley two cold cases of two murdered women both named Susan and murdered in different years but killed on the same day, it appears to Riley that she may have the next great story but more to the point, a serial killer might be on the loose. With the date of the murders approaching, Riley wants to warn Susans and stop the killing in Stalking Susan by Julie Kramer.

This is the first book in a series featuring Riley where she must not only solve crimes but also cope with her own life’s tragedies. This series isn’t without humor, and the books move at a quick pace. The next book in the series is Missing Mark, Silencing Sam follows and Killing Kate is the latest book.


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  1. Thanks so much for your kudos, Christina. Glad that readers in Kansas are enjoying my books. The next one, SHUNNING SARAH, comes out next summer and my heroine investigates an Amish murder.

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