Stuart Neville’s Latest Thriller, Ratlines

RatlinesIt’s 1963 which was less than twenty years after World War II, but former members of the Third Reich are being murdered in Ireland with three killings in less than two weeks. The government is concerned that there will be more killings so Albert Ryan in intelligence is assigned to the case, and soon Ryan is in contact with Colonel Otto Skorzeny who has been given a threatening note from the killer or killers. Skorzeny is a wealthy, dangerous, and powerful former Third Reich member who has connections to governments throughout the world and appears to be above the law, even possibly in the case of murder.

There are numerous suspects who could have killed the men, but one thing is certain this case is far reaching with international implications. Ryan needs allies in his investigation but he is an outsider- an Irishman who fought for the British during the war, a Protestant in a Catholic country and a man with a conscience caught in a web of cruelty, corruption and greed. Ratlines by Stuart Neville is a gritty thriller where the danger is palpable and the stakes are high, but more importantly will Ryan be able to solve the case and keep his conscience while defending the former Third Reich members that he fought against during the war? Neville is an award winning author who also wrote the popular Belfast trilogy.


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