She’s a Hard Core Detective in Loyalty

LoyaltyFina Ludlow is a hard-hitting PI that can both give and take a punch and has absolutely no hesitation about using her gun. She’s tough, but then so is her family. The Ludlows are mostly rich trial lawyers who have made their money both famously and infamously and along the way have made enemies who would love to watch them fall. So far the family has stayed one step ahead of the law and their downfall, until now.

Melanie, Fina’s sister-in-law, has disappeared, and it’s up to Fina to find her, but no one is worried since it’s assumed that the disappearance is part of the ongoing drama between Melanie and her husband. Fina’s investigation doesn’t turn up any trace of Melanie and Fina is attacked and threatened to stay out. Fina realizes that something is very wrong and it is big.

In Loyalty by Ingrid Thoft, Fina is caught between finding the truth and protecting her family where loyalty is prized above all else. This thriller mystery is a fast paced hard-boiled detective novel with a PI that is hard to ignore or forget.


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