Shards – A Fictional Memoir of War

ShardsBlending fact and fiction Ismet Prcic’s new novel, Shards, is about a young man of the same name that has fled the war in Bosnia and has relocated to southern California. Unable to leave the war behind, memories suddenly come to life making him a prisoner of his past. To heal he is advised to write down everything and to start at the beginning.

There are three different sets of memories: Ismet’s life in California, Ismet growing up in a war zone, and Mustafa, another young man that ends up fighting in the war and may or may not be Ismet or even real.

This novel is a war story, but it is also personal as a young man searches for his identity while his family and country falls apart. This is a powerful account that uses various viewpoints and memories to create a lasting impression of the chaos born from war.

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