Secrets, Love, and Family in Letters from Skye

Letters from SkyeAmerican David Graham was given a book of poetry that he admired so much he wrote a fan letter to the poet, Elspeth Dunn, who lived on the remote island, Skye, off of Scotland’s coast. That simple letter turned into a correspondence that became a friendship which evolved into love. Though an ocean separated David and Elspeth the First World War was about to bring them closer when David volunteers as an ambulance driver.

Years later as the Second World War begins, Elspeth’s daughter, Margaret, discovers a letter from David. Margaret wants to know about the letter and the secrets that Elspeth has hidden from her daughter, but Elspeth disappears before any answers could be given. To find her mother and the truth Margaret must dig into her mother’s past in Letters from Skye by Jessica Brockmole.

This novel is told in a series of letters that go back and forth between just before World War I and World War II. The letters feel personal with humor, confessions, dreams, and even heartbreak. This story is about love and family, but also the power of our words.


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