Robert McCammon’s latest Horror Story

I Travel By NightIn the aftermath of a Civil War battle an injured soldier, Trevor Lawson, was made into something other than human by vampires that were preying on the wounded. Despite their attempts to turn Lawson completely into a vampire, he is still a little human and escapes the vampires. Lawson wants to return to being mortal and in defiance continues to battle the vampires, but at the same time they also hunt him.

It’s just a little over twenty years since the Civil War when a young woman is kidnapped on her way to the theater. The note left for her father instructed him to have the ransom money delivered by Trevor Lawson to the hidden town of Nocturne. The kidnapping is less about money and more about forcing Lawson to go to the vampires. Lawson cannot leave the young woman to her fate, so he takes the ransom money and his chances and heads to Nocturne.

I Travel by Night is a novella that introduces a new series featuring Lawson from the bestselling author Robert McCammon who is also known for works such as Boy’s Life, Usher’s Passing, and Speaks the Nightbird.


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