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Writing workshops are an essential part of developing as a writer. Thomas Fox Averill, author and professor of English, notes that time spent with other writers challenges our thinking.

“Being part of a community, testing ideas, even the thinking we do silently–all of these sharpen our sense of ourselves as writers,” Averill said.

At our 4th annual Local Writers Workshop on Sat., Aug. 19 from 9 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., you’ll learn from experienced professionals, connect with fellow authors, and leave feeling inspired to write. The following concise and informative talks on the craft and business of writing will fill the morning:

  • Thomas Fox Averill will present “Find a Plot, Write a Story–Borrowing and Stealing from Literature.”
  • Matt Spezia, a seven-time poetry slam champion, will show you his national award-winning slam style and coach you on how to take your stage show and content to the next level.
  • Stephanie Hansen, owner of Metamorphosis Literary Agency in Kansas City, will offer tips for writers who want to publish their work traditionally.
  • Our own, Chris Blocker, MFA in creative writing and book review pro, will share tips to help you write fab reviews to support other writers and promote your own work.
  • Karl Janssen, art director for the University of Kansas Press, will provide insight on what makes an excellent book cover and how to connect with an artist.
  • Carol Yoho will tell us about the Kansas Authors Club’s history, notable members and benefits for writers across the state (with or without a membership).

This year the Kansas Authors Club is partnering with the library by sponsoring a 1:30 – 2:30 p.m. workshop with Don Welborn, 2012 Kansas Cowboy Poetry champion.

Email writers@tscpl.org for more information about the workshop.

Your library also has a fantastic collection of resources on the craft and business of writing, with something for writers of every stripe.

  Tips from masters of the craft

√   Insight on markets and publishers

√   How-to guides on niches from children’s books to food writing

Check out the list below for titles that will help you learn from masters of the craft, pick up new techniques for revision, develop your marketing persona, and on, and on.

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Miranda Ericsson

Miranda loves to talk lit! Her favorite reads are poetry, literary fiction, and speculative science fiction, and she's passionate about promoting great literature written by Kansas authors. She works with library programs that support and engage writers in our community, so ask her for more information about the Local Writers Workshop and Great Writers Right Here author fair. Miranda also facilitates TALK book discussions and co-leads the Bean There, Read That book discussion group, and serves as a member of the library's 2Book Topeka team.