Really? Movies-turned-TV

Movie Mind Steve Martin

Now that the new TV season promos have started, I’ve noticed a definite trend this year: TV shows ripped straight from the movie theater! Before I started to research this, I thought, “Wow, the networks are really scraping the bottom of the barrel [creatively].” Then I discovered this isn’t new or even unheard of, and once in a while they actually do a decent job. Remember Parenthood? I LOVED the movie (circa 1989) and the 2010-15 TV show had a nice run, winning many awards.

That being said, I’m still a little wary of remakes. So many times, the do-over messes up what made the first so stellar. Come on, now, what did you really think of the Sound of Music Live!?

children fall off boat

There are just so many this year!


letal weapon redux

Letal Weapon redux

  • Lethal Weapon on FOX
    Riggs & Murtaugh will forever be one of my favorite buddy flicks, so I had a minor panic attack when I first saw the promo. Damon Wayans is in it, so…maybe? Fingers crossed!
  • Frequency on CW
    Remember that movie where the son could talk to his dead dad through the radio? The show shakes things up with a father/daughter storyline. Will it work? Time will tell.
  • Taken on NBC
    Really? Sure it was a decent action movie trilogy, but is it worth serializing on TV? Billed as a prequel, this might have a chance.
  • Training Day on CBS
    A rogue cop is paired up with a principled trainee. This could be interesting. Plus, it’s got Bill Paxton!
  • The Exorcist on FOX
    Wow. Whoa. No-way-no-how am I even going to give this one a try, but if you walk on the dark side when it comes to your TV preferences, please share! Does this pique your interest at all?
  • Uncle Buck on ABC
    Yeah!! Who doesn’t love a fish out of water comedy!
  • Roots on the History Channel
    Ok, technically, this was originally a mini-series and not a movie but both versions were exceptional.


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