Quick Reads to Move You Forward

I’ve resolved to read more in 2019 – have you?  Reading more will help boost my vocabulary, help me understand more of the world around me and it can help me to accomplish my other New Year’s resolutions as well.

As an example, I’ve put together a list of relatively short (200 pages or less) titles that can help with some of the common goals many of us make for the new year.

Short reads like this are great for building reading skills and confidence, or just practicing. They can be excellent options for literacy students, or for anyone who just wants a quick introduction to a topic. The library has plenty of longer books if you want more information later.

So here’s to a 2019 full of inspiration, learning, accomplishing and reading!

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Deborah Ellerbrook

Some of my many roles at the library include: tax form guru, collectibles promoter, inspirational fiction evangelist, adult literacy promoter, Book Group in a Bag cheerleader, So Many Books book discussion group leader and reader's advisor.