Put on Your Prom Duds & Read

Of all the years we had to have a pandemic, it had to be this one. Of all the proms – and everything else – to be cancelled, it was yours. That is not fair. We hear you. We feel you. Fair has nothing to do with it. Maybe you’ve been dreaming about your senior prom night and all the magical memories you would create with your friends. Or perhaps you were planning to skip it, but it still sucks to have the option taken away. So, while we can’t really make up for it, let the library be your Stay-at-Home Prom date. Consider this our very public Prom-posal!

  • Dress up in your best formal wear (or your cleanest pajamas)!
  • Choose your fictional date or crew! (Do I want to go with Magnus Bane or the Grays?)
  • Snap some priceless pictures in your spectacular outfit and share them with us!
  • Find some music on Hoopla and have a dance party in your bedroom, living room and kitchen!

Promenade or Prom-Not, show us your best looks! Which fictional character would you want to attend prom with?

Recommended Reads

Here are some digital reads you can check out to stride into a fictional prom:

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If you prefer a diversion from the prom, cuddle up and get your cozy on with one of these reads:

book cover CaravalYou are invited to escape into Stephanie Garber’s Caraval. Get swept up in the allure of the game and help Scarlett try to win and find her sister! In Truly Devious you can help Stevie solve a cold case at her new prep school. Sneak along with November as she tries to figure out the rules and stay alive in her new boarding school for teenage assassins in Killing November.

Maybe you’d prefer an adventure. Take up with some dwarves in a quest to reclaim their long lost home in J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic The Hobbit. Follow the Rules for Vanishing by Kate Alice Marshall and dare to walk down a road that only exists when it wants to and find out where it leads. Perhaps you will find where you belong with the Grays in The Lost Coast by Amy Rose Capetta.

As the teen librarian, Angie organizes amazing events and online activities. She also reads a lot of YA and is eager to suggest a book you can't put down.