One to Inspire: A Sound Among the Trees by Susan Meissner

I was recently blessed by being able to read an advance copy of Susansound among the trees cover Meissner’s latest novel, A Sound Among The Trees
This introspective novel about the power of superstition kept me thinking long after I put it down. The story centers around Holly Oak—an ancient Southern home with a reputation for being cruel to its female inhabitants. Some even say it is haunted by the ghost of Susannah Page–a supposed Civil War spy.  Marielle enters into this house as a new bride, where she encounters the current matriarch of Holly Oak–Adelaide.  Marielle finds it a struggle to adjust to life with an elderly woman who sews Civil War uniforms and speaks of her home as if it were a living being with a grudge against the females that live in it.  Marielle soon soon realizes that she must find out the truth about the house and its past secrets before she can truly be comfortable.  Some surprising discoveries and an unexpected visitor help her in her journey–a journey that teaches her the importance of not letting yourself become stuck in the past.
This powerful story shows how buried secrets can destroy love, and how bringing them out into the light of truth can bring restoration and healing. Meissner did a wonderful job of blending the stories of past and present through journals and letters–fans of historical fiction will especially enjoy these glimpses into the lives of Holly Oak’s past inhabitants.  I also heartily recommend Meissner’s book to Christian fiction fans in search of a character focused read that illustrates a powerful life lesson.

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