Murder: From Horses to Humans in Hush Money

Hush MoneySydney Everett is a rich widow often with a drink in her hand and enough plastic surgery to knock off a decade her age (at least in low lighting); she also has a very expensive champion show horse, Hush Puppy, that has died under questionable circumstances and may have been killed. The huge insurance claim on the horse is at risk and Sydney calls on her law firm to send somebody to protect herself and the claim. With her regular lawyer out of town the law firm sends young lawyer, Jack MacTaggart, who is quick with his comebacks,and knows nothing about the world of champion show horses or, for that matter, Sydney.

Complications develop in the case when Jack discovers that Sydney once owned another champion show horse, Creole, who also died suddenly leaving Sydney with a huge payoff from the insurance company. It’s hard to believe in coincidences especially ones that include millions of dollars so Jack investigates the death of Hush Puppy and who else might want the horse dead other than Sydney.

The investigation of Hush Puppy’s death takes a twist when it leads to murder but the next victim this time is human, and Jack is one of the prime suspects in the killing. This case has become personal for Jack because if he doesn’t discover who is guilty he might just become the fall guy and be headed for prison in Hush Money, the debut novel by Chuck Greaves. This is not fluff though it is full Jack’s wisecracks and observations and is a nice blend of seriousness and humor all within a fast paced story.


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