Morlock’s beginnings in A Guile of Dragons

A Guile of DragonsThe Wardlands was on the otherside of the Sea of Worlds, far away from Arthur’s Britain and quite a journey for Merlin and his pregnant mistress who were being forced to this distant land. The Wardlands was Merlin’s homeland where he was to stand trial for treason before being exiled and forbidden to return, though before his expulsion Merlin left something precious behind: his son, Morlock.

At Merlin’s request the dwarf Tyr claimed the baby Morlock and raised him as his own son. As the troubled Morlock grew up the Wardlands were at peace until a danger from the past returned with a vengeance as dragons attacked the dwarves and Morlock’s adopted family leaving behind death and destruction.

War erupts and Morlock must reconcile his anger that threatens to engulf him and his legacy as the son of the traitor in A Guile of Dragons by James Enge. This is the first book in the series A Tournament of Shadows which is a prequel to the Ambrose Series. This fantasy is stylish, well written, and creates a new world with its own history that is easy to get lost in.


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