Money, Murder, and Fatherhood in Black Fridays

Black FridaysJason Stafford has just lost two years of his life in prison interrupting his aspiring career on Wall Street with his seven figure income and his marriage to his model wife. It was Jason’s own fault for his incarceration after he did some accounting shuffling at his firm that led to a huge scandal and threatened the solidity of a major investment bank. With Jason’s release he was finally free, but the income and his ex-wife and son were gone, and it wasn’t going to be easy for Jason to get his life back.

There aren’t a lot of job leads until Jason gets a call from an investment firm that would like his help investigating a junior trader who may have been involved in something illegal since the SEC is interested in this junior trader’s trading reports. Unfortunately, no one can question the junior trader because he is dead, killed in a boating accident just that summer. The firm is willing to make it worth Jason’s while to investigate, but Jason also wants to find his son and bring him home.

During Jason’s sentence his ex-wife took their son and returned to her mother in Louisiana. Now five years old, Jason’s son has his own set of issues that demand a lot of time and care, but Jason is unprepared as he has a lot to learn about love and being a parent. A thriller with heart, Black Fridays by Michael Sears is a fast-paced story that follows Jason’s investigation which begins with money scandals that turn into murder while at the same time Jason must build a new relationship with his son. This novel is an entertaining start to a new series featuring Jason.


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