Lost Dreams In The Life List

Life ListBrett Bohlinger’s life hasn’t exactly turned out the way she had planned with some of her dreams being cast aside. Through the disappointment Brett’s mother has always been by her side until her mother’s untimely death. Brett is grief stricken and feels alone, but beyond the grave Brett’s mother has one last gift for her daughter.

The inheritance Brett’s mother has left her has a stipulation- Brett must complete a list of goals that Brett wrote when she was fourteen years old. Brett has changed, and it’s not going to be easy for her to perform live on stage, buy a horse when Brett lives in the city, have a baby, and fall in love as well as the other goals.

Her mother knew Brett well and expected her to balk at pursing the goals, so her mother made sure Brett was fired from her current job, provided a lawyer to help Brett, and wrote letters of love and warmth. In The Life List by Lori Nelson Spielman the goals on the list aren’t really about the money but more about Brett’s life and happiness which for her mother were the most important things.


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