Learning to Learn

We’ve all taken classes on topics like math or history, but have you ever taken a class on how to take a class?

The library has some great resources that can help you learn how to learn better, use your time in the classroom more effectively and become a “superstar student.” Now that school is back in session these are great resources for any student who wants to step up their game.

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One of my favorite resources from this list is How to Become a SuperStar Student by Michael Geisen–a video series available from the library via Hoopla. It is published by the Great Courses company, which has hundreds of of courses on DVD and on Hoopla that you can take for FREE with your library card. I highly recommend looking at all the great courses they have – it’s like going to school without enrolling, paying or leaving your house!

In How to Become a SuperStar Student I found Michael Geisen, the “greatest teacher in the world”  engaging. I like his quirky sense of humor and the way he uses visuals and sight gags to make the material more interesting. I also felt I could trust what he was saying as he cited sources for the information and provided good examples.

Here are a few tips I learned from a couple of his sessions:

  • Find YOUR learning style. Do you like to set things to music to help you memorize them? Do you need to walk around while you learn? Do what works best for you!
  • Be curious! Decide that you want to learn.
  • Set specific goals such as “I want to get a B in my math class this semester instead of a C.”
  • Develop habits will help you learn. Some great ones are:
    • PREPARE! Find out what will be covered in class before you go and do any related reading beforehand.
    • Ask good questions and be an active partipant in discussions and classroom activities.
    • Develop a good system for taking notes, focusing on any information not covered in the book.
    • Keep your head up – During class focus on paying attention and listening to the teacher.
    • Avoid distraction. Sit where you can see and hear the teacher and where you won’t be distracted by your classmates.
    • Don’t quit until you have learned something. How do you know you’ve learned it? You can explain it to someone else or you can do it.
  • Develop a good system for managing your time. What do you have going on the next two weeks? Plot it out on a calendar and schedule times for homework and studying. Having a schedule means you know when you can go out for pizza with your friends without missing any deadlines.

Whatever challenges face you this school year we’ve got plenty of resources to help you succeed.  We’ll help you make this your best year ever!

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