Identity Unknown in Ghostman

GhostmanIn Atlantic City a casino robbery that was planned to the very last detail went terribly wrong leaving one of the robbers dead and the other one shot and in hiding with over a million in cash. A massive manhunt is underway for the injured robber and Marcus, the mastermind behind the robbery, doesn’t know if the surviving robber is hurt, dead or worse- planning on taking the money and run. Marcus needs someone to clean up the mess and retrieve the money, so he calls in on a debt and asks for help from Jack.

No one knows Jack’s real name because he is an expert at changing identities and disappearing, however this favor is going to require a lot more of Jack’s talents then vanishing identities because he only has 48 hours. Jack takes a flight to Atlantic City and upon his arrival the FBI is already waiting for him which is an ominous beginning. Jack is not the only one after the money and for over a million Jack is just another obstacle to be eliminated in Ghostman. This fast moving thriller is the first novel by Roger Hobbs, which introduces Jack who has survived by not trusting anyone and yet risks his life to repay a mistake he made years ago.


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