Hidden Needs and Brutal Murder in The Dark Winter

The Dark WinterIt’s Christmas time in Hull, England and the threat of snow is in the air, but the real danger is not from the weather but from a killer or killers after a string of murders. There is no obvious link between the crimes- the only survivor of a shipwreck from forty years ago is found dead in a lifeboat, a teenage girl from Africa is hacked to death, and a suspected arsonist is murdered and burned. Detective Sergent Aector McAvoy is working on the cases and suspects that there is something that ties all the murders together, but within the department there is competition and strife between the detectives.

During the investigation, McAvoy is pulled in many directions as he tries to work with his colleagues and spend time with his young son and pregnant wife. Though McAvoy appears to be a gentle giant, underneath he has a strong willed determination for the truth and justice that keeps him focused on halting the killings. The Dark Winter by David Mark introduces McAvoy in a new mystery thriller series that has a strong psychological bent where emotions and morality are as important as the action and the crime.


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