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white-collar-62Neal Caffrey, a con man and master forger, has been in prison for almost four years when he escapes to find his girlfriend, Kate. Neal is caught by Peter Burke, an FBI agent in the white collar crime division and the person who originally put Neal behind bars. Neal offers to provide information to Peter on evidence in a case that Peter has been struggling with in exchange for Peter coming to meet with Neal in one week. Peter agrees and one week later, Peter meets with Neal in the maximum security prison where Neal is being held. Neal then proposes that he be released into Peter’s custody as part of a work-release program and will use his knowledge and skills to help Peter catch other criminals. Though hesitant, Peter agrees.

white-collar-115White Collar is a fun crime show that recently concluded its fourth season and has been renewed for a fifth season. Matt Bomer portrays smooth, suave con man Neal Caffrey. Tim DeKay plays the role of by-the-book FBI agent Peter Burke. Other characters in the show include Neal’s friend and fellow con man, Mozzie, portrayed by Willie Garson, and Peter’s supportive and spunky wife, Elizabeth, played by Tiffani Thiessen. I have been a fan of crime shows like CSI and NCIS for a long time and this was a pleasant change from the blood and gore of the typical crime genre, although it is occasionally present. The back-and-forth bantering between Neal and Peter is what makes this show work so well. Elizabeth balances out Peter’s distrust of Neal with her own willingness to give him a chance. Mozzie provides great comedic relief with his distrust of the FBI.

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What are some of your favorite Crime television shows?


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