Ghosts and Murder in Wide Open

Wide OpenSergeant Hallie Michaels’s sister, Dell, has died, and Hallie is suddenly plucked out of Afghanistan and put on a plane headed home with no time to decompress from the war that still echoed in her head. Upon her arrival to South Dakota her childhood friends picked her up at the airport, but there was also someone else waiting- Dell’s ghost.

Seeing ghosts is new for Hallie, and it wasn’t until Afghanistan that she saw her first ghost which has returned with her home from the war. Dell’s ghost also silently follows, and soon Hallie realizes something was wrong about Dell’s death.

Many in her small town think that Dell committed suicide, but Hallie believes that her sister was murdered. Hallie pursues her own investigation trying to solve the murder, but in short time Hallie discovers that more ghosts have begun following her. Something powerful is behind the ghosts and as Hallie is drawn deeper odds rise that she may end up like her sister in Wide Open by Deborah Coates. This is the first book in a supernatural thriller series featuring Hallie with her new skill. The second book in the series is Deep Down.


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