Get Your Cake On

Looking for the right cake for your wedding can a fun task you can accomplish before the big day. After all, eating cake and calling it research? Yes, please. There are two steps you’ll need to accomplish in order to find the one that works for you and your partner.

One: Pick the best bakery.

  • Do your research on the companies you’re interested in. Picking a bakery with a solid reputation is just as important as picking the right tasting cake.
  • When you’ve done your research, call a bakery or store that you’re interested in and make sure to ask about their training, how long they’ve been in business, how many weddings they’ve done, etc. It’s important for you to get a feel for how reliable they are.
  • Don’t worry about budgeting for taste tests. The best part about it is that you can do them for free. Companies are trying to get your business, so they won’t charge you for the samples they provide.

Two: Create the perfect cake.

Planning a wedding cake can take a while. Here are some tips to make that process go smoothly:

  • Design and order well in advance of the big day.
  • In other words, do not wait until the last minute thinking it is one of the simpler items on the list! Bakeries need time to get your cake prepared, and yours is probably not going to be the only order they need to fulfill on the big day. This also gives you plenty of time to be creative with the look of your cake. If you’re having a themed wedding, a cake that matches is going to be one of the more fun and interesting things you can do.
  • Ask your baker for ideas. They have probably seen a lot of different designs and could give you a lot of good suggestions.

That said, if you are in a bind or have a smaller budget and need to find a cake quickly, there are plenty of ways to cut expenses. You can still find a beautiful cake without shelling out hundreds of dollars.

There are tons of resources for you to choose from if you need help finding a company or design that fits you. Try these websites for some extra hints and tricks:

As always, the library is here to help! There are tons of resources for getting ideas and budgeting that tasty cake!


Robin works in circulation and enjoys spending her time reading fantasy and Sci-Fi novels, running, Pinning, and watching way too much TV.