Fun with Fairies

Let’s explore some fun Fairy facts and activities!

Fairy Facts

Fairies are magical beings that can fly through the air. Did you know that some of them have jobs, like the tooth fairy? Sometimes fairies are described as very small, but other times they can be as big a a child. In many of the older fairy tales many fairies did not have wings. In those stories, fairies used their magic to fly and did not need wings. Find more fairy fact at Kiddle.

Make Your Own Fairy House


  • Peat pot (or disposable cup or construction paper with tape)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Decorations (use your imagination – ribbon, pom poms, feathers, whatever you like)
  • Markers


  1. Use your scissors to cut a doorway into your fairy house, but remember to get an adult’s permission first!
  2. Next, use glue to start attaching decorations. Use your imagination to choose your decorations. You could decide to go really bright and shiny with feathers, ribbon, and pom poms. You might decide you want yours to look like nature and use grass, twigs, and leaves.
  3. Use markers to color the side of the pot, cup or construction paper

More Fun


Q: How does a fairy greet the flowers in her garden?
A: “What’s up, bud?”

Q: How did the fairy greet the grass?
A: “How’s it growin’?”

Q: What was the magical fairy doing on her hike?
A: Just wand-ering around!

Q: What art supply do fairies give to artisits?
A: Magic Markers!

Fairy Books

There are all kinds of fairy books at your library, both fiction and nonfiction. Here are a few suggestions:

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