From the Author of City of Silver Comes Another Historical Mystery

Invisible CountryIn 1868 Paraguay was in ruins from a disastrous war that killed up to ninety percent of the fighting-aged men, and started the breakdown of society. In response, the Padre of the village of Santa Caterina asked the women to become pregnant by any man regardless if they were married. However, even in the midst of the chaos, some things were still worthy of punishment like the murder of the hated Richard Yotté.

Yotté was found stabbed in the church in Santa Caterina, but the man was no saint. He had confiscated most of the food, taken away husbands and sons to die in the war and had close ties to the Dictator, Francisco Solano López and López’s mistress who had raided the gold and jewels of the treasury and was having Yotté hide it. So the local Comandante, Luis Menenez, was ordered to find the murderer quickly by the Dictator himself.

Menenez was worried this was a test of his loyalty and, determined not to fail he will blame someone regardless of their guilt. With the threat of the Comandante hanging over Santa Caterina, the villagers decide to try and find the killer before an innocent person is taken, but the war has changed their lives and taken away much of the innocence. The villagers each have their own guilt that they try to keep secret while at the same time try to unearth a murderer before it’s too late in Invisible Country: A Mystery by Annamaria Alfieri.


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