Fighting to Protect the Past from the Future in The Revisionists

RevisionistsTraveling back in time is very dangerous especially for the future, because one wrong move could change the future the time traveler came from. Zed is an agent whose job is to protect the future from historical agitators that want to stop major human tragedies of the past from occurring. In theory it sounds logical to preserve all of the past both good and bad to save the future. However in reality, it isn’t easy for Zed to watch the pain and suffering and at the same time make sure the tragedy happens.

Zed is in our time, right before the disaster referred to as the Great Conflagration is about to happen, and a part of him just wants to appreciate the world before this great cataclysm occurs. The previous jobs in the past have made an impact, and though he’s not supposed to make an impact on any of the lives around him- he’s about to break protocol. The Revisionists by Thomas Mullen is a riveting thriller where the world is on the edge of disaster, and one man can determine the fate of the present and the future.

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