Exploring the Writing Neighborhood

Whether you’re outlining a research paper for your sociology class, penning your magnum opus, seeking traditional publication or something to pass down to the grandchildren, our Writing Neighborhood has you covered.

If you’ve been through the east wing lately, you may have noticed some changes. The newest neighborhoods, Writing and Literature, have cemented their place in the 800s.

The creation of two new neighborhoods was not always part of the plan. “Our original intention was to convert all the 800s into a Writing & Literature Neighborhood, but since the writing books are so popular and Topeka has very active writing groups, it made sense to showcase this collection separate from the Literature Neighborhood,” Julie Nelson, collection development professional, said.

Getting Published shelf of the Writing Neigborhood

Along with the new signage and labels highlighting the collection, fresh copies of some of the more popular titles have been added. You also may notice some books have moved. Changes were made by adding the publishing books from the 000s, creating new numbers for student writing, rearranging some topics and grouping items like style manuals so they are all gathered in one place.

The Writing Neighborhood features guides for writers across the genres: Romance, Sci-Fi, Poetry, Screenwriting, Food Writing and Children’s. When adding new titles to the collection we look for books and DVDs that offer practical or inspirational advice to writers perfecting their craft along with popular topics such as nuts and bolts manuals, genre guides, and steps to getting published.

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“The neighborhoods are designed to give our customers the best possible experience while browsing the stacks,” Nelson says. “The new Writing Neighborhood brings together all aspects of the writing process, from writing prompts, to revision, to different paths to publication. The writer’s journey can be challenging so I hope by having all the material together in a well-organized, appealing manner the Writing Neighborhood will support writers at every stage.”

Wherever you want to go with your writing, your library card brings you one step closer. Now with the Writing Neighborhood, we’ve made it that much easier.

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Chris works in Public Services and has been with the library since 2007. He has a great passion for writing, so it's not uncommon to see him helping with library writing events. Chris holds an MFA in Writing from the University of Nebraska, strives to be a successful novelist, and dabbles with graphic design when time allows. His favorite novel is East of Eden. He is fluent in Trek.