Exit Laughing. End Scene. Carl Reiner 1922-2020

"Oh, God!"When I was little, I thought George Burns was God. I had watched Oh, God! several times. I am still convinced God smokes cigars and until I have Divine proof, you can’t convince me otherwise.

The JerkAnytime my siblings are all together under one roof, someone is going to mention a phone book. Then, someone is going to mention Navin R. Johnson. And don’t even think of complaining about your glasses not staying up. My family could easily recite reenact (okay, fine, we probably have) the entire production of The Jerk.

I grew up watching life under the direction of Carl Reiner…so his passing at age 98 is like saying goodbye to that great-uncle that could always make you laugh. Growing up, my acting coach used to say “Anyone can make you cry, but it takes a real somebody to make you laugh.”  Carl Reiner was a real somebody. His name is in the comedy phone book, you can bet on that. As an actor alongside Mel Brooks or Dick Van Dyke, as a director, or lending his voice to an animated character, he was pure comedic gold.  Thankfully, I can check out many of my favorites and maybe find some new ones.

You can join me… I made a list for you.

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