Espionage in Fear Itself

Fear ItselfWorld War II was just about to begin and the tensions from Europe were reaching across the ocean as German spies and agitators made their way into the United States, but even with all the secrecy someone in the FBI noticed that something was amiss. The FBI responded by sending Jimmy Nessheim, a farm boy from Wisconsin and now a special agent for the FBI, to infiltrate an American pro-German organization.

Nessheim will blend in perfectly, but he is young and inexperienced, and the stakes are high as the Germans are desperate to keep the Americans out of the war. His investigations lead him from a youth camp in Vermont to the upper echelons in the Capital. With each step Nessheim takes, one thing becomes certain: the Germans must be stopped before their plan goes into action, except Nessheim doesn’t know what the Germans are going to do.

Time is running out, and Nessheim must rely on his wits as the threat grows against his own life and the danger to the entire country. Fear Itself by Andrew Rosenheim is a spy thriller that uses the building chaos before the war to introduce Nesshiem as this is the first book in a series featuring the young FBI agent.


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