Damned by Chuck Palahniuk

Meet Madison Spencer, newbie in Hell and eternal 13-year-old whose self-asphyxiation lands her in her own version of The Breakfast Club.  Chubby, whip-smart, and hopeful, Maddy is reshaping Hell to her own needs.

Through a series of flashbacks to her rich, hippy, private jet upbringing, readers surmise that life as a celebrity kid isn’t that different from a life in Hell.

New friendships, telemarketing during the dinner hour, meeting and dissing Hitler, and a healthy variety of disgusting daemons await Madison, who dishes it all out in matter-of-fact, typical preteen style. Maddy is remaking her crappy old-life image with her eye on the prize.  She wants to take over Hell.

Palahniuk delivers a series of pop culture, drug, and popular media references in his trademark tongue-in-cheek style.   Fans of his writing are sure to get a familiar chuckle or gag from this work.