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Just like big, blockbuster movies, summertime brings a number of exciting things to the world of comic books! Two of the big events this year are “Avengers vs. X-men” from Marvel Comics and the “Before Watchmen” prequels by DC.
“Avengers vs. X-Men” (or AvX) is the Marvel crossover that features two of its most famous teams squaring off to decide the fate of the mysterious entity called the Phoenix Force. The Phoenix Force returns Earth from the farthest reaches of the galaxy, looking for a host to help save all of mutant kind. However, the Avengers believe that the return of the Phoenix means the end of humanity. This exciting story features some of Marvel’s favorite characters battling it out to see who is right and who is wrong. Can Captain America defeat Cyclops? Can Iron-Man outsmart the Beast?
The DC counterpart this summer is quite controversial and has comic creators and fans buzzing! DC has decided to revisit the world of the “Watchmen” and release a set of prequel comics that take place before the “Watchmen” series. The “Watchmen” is a critically acclaimed graphic novel that changed the tone and standard for the comic book industry for years and the author, Alan Moore, has publicly stated that he is against the new project because he doesn’t want anyone else working on his creation. Despite Moore’s objection, DC is moving forward with the project and has put top tier talent on “Before Watchmen,” like comic book, television and novel writers Darwyn Cook, J. Michael Straczynski and Brian Azzarello.

This DC event also has creators resigning due to the controversy of making a “Watchmen” prequel without Alan Moore’s permission. The most vocal has been Chris Roberson who publicly criticized DC’s handling of the situation and has since left the company. While DC owns the rights to the characters, many critics argue that you shouldn’t touch such a classic story, especially without permission of the original author. Even as popular as the original comics and recent movie were, many people don’t know that most of the “Watchmen” characters were based on comic book heroes from another comic company, Charlatan comics, that DC purchased the rights.

No matter which side you take, whether the X-Men or Avengers; or bold new tales, or leaving classic stories untouched, we hope you can read any of these comic books enjoy them!
Gatekeeper Hobbies Staff