Big Ideas from DK Publishing

The Philosophy BookDK publishing is famous for books filled with great photographs and concise explanations especially in their Eyewitness series, and now they have undertaken concepts in The Philosophy Book and The Psychology Book where big ideas are simply explained.

Both books are organized in a similar manner and reflect DK’s talent at using graphics and organization to explain a variety of concepts like Konrad Lorenz’s imprinting to David McClelland’s three key motivations. The ideas are in chronological order in The Philosophy Book, but in the The Psychology Book the ideas are grouped by larger concepts. In both books each idea is given up to six pages of explanation with graphics that summarize the concept, sidebars that relate the context of the idea to other ideas and diagrams that follow basic statements of the concept.

Though these books are not in a narrative style they are still a fascinating overview of philosophy and psychology. Each provides a starting point for ideas that could be explored further and begin a journey into concepts that have influenced our world. It is discovery made simple.


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