Assassination in The Paris Directive

The Paris DirectiveIn Taziac, a small village in France, very little happens, and mainly the locals live their lives and tourists come and go. The quietness is shattered when an assassin, Klaus Reiner who is cold, calculating and known for making murder look like an accidental death, arrives and transforms the village. The assassination does not go as planned and Reiner has on his hands multiple murders as well as the attention of the nation, but Reiner easily finds a scapegoat for the crime.

Inspector Paul Mazarelle lives in Taziac but started out in Paris where he investigated numerous murders. He is the perfect man for the investigation as the trail of evidence leads them to Ali Sedak, a handyman that worked for one of the victims, but Mazarelle feels that something is wrong; then Molly, a daughter of one of the victims, arrives and questions Sedak’s guilt.

This thriller is a dangerous game between Mazarelle and Reiner, both seasoned professionals with their future and lives at stake. The Paris Directive by Gerald Jay adeptly combines the calm of the French countryside with international intrigue and assassination creating an atmosphere of tension. This is the first book in a new series featuring Mazarelle.


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