Art to Die For in A Dangerous Talent

Dangerous TalentAlix London’s future had been promising as an art student at Harvard and with a father that was a well known art conservator. Then her world turned upside down when her father was convicted of art forgery. She dropped out of school and the family money began to disappear with the rising court costs. Now, she’s a struggling art consultant and barely able to make ends meet until Alix gets a break that could jumpstart her career.

A Georgia O’Keeffe painting is up for sale and Alix is hired to go to Santa Fe and authenticate the work, but soon after her arrival there is a suspicious explosion that Alix barely escapes. Alix’s break is beginning to go sour, as it becomes clear that something is not right with the painting or the sale. Alix must use her expert eye in art and her quick wits to save her career and more importantly her life in A Dangerous Talent by Charlotte and Aaron Elkins. This enjoyable mystery is rich in detail and descriptive of the art world and the city of Santa Fe.


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