Andrew Pyper’s Latest Novel The Demonologist

The DemonologistProfessor David Ullman teaches religious literature and is a scholar of Milton’s Paradise Lost and also of demons, but the irony about his studies is that David does not believe in demons or anything else. Outside the classroom David’s life is in turmoil. His wife wants a divorce and at the same time he receives a strange visitor at his office- a very thin woman with an unrecognizable accent. The woman represents a client with an invitation for David to come to Venice and witness a “phenomenon.” With the impending divorce David decides to accept the invitation and leaves with his daughter, Tess.

Venice was meant to be a break from the troubles at home and for some quality time between a father and daughter, but David was unprepared for the evil that awaited them, and then he lost Tess in the canals of Venice. Frantic to get his daughter back, David embarks on a quest to save his daughter and in the process must become a believer or lose his daughter forever in The Demonologist by Andrew Pyper. This is a literary horror novel about a father’s love, and the struggle between good and evil.


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