An Unsettling Web of Stories in Revenge: Eleven Dark Tales

RevengeRevenge: Eleven Dark Tales is a collection of interwoven short stories where each story relates and flows into other stories creating a continuous storyline but from different perspectives. These stories are gothic but not graphic, disturbing but not frightening, and they are also haunting and clever. Some of the characters include a cabaret singer whose heart is outside her body, a landlady who grows very odd carrots and even a tiger.

In “Lab Coats” a secretary at a hospital is having an affair with one of the doctors, but he won’t leave his wife so the secretary decides to kill him. Then “Welcome to the Museum of Torture” a young woman whose apartment was located directly below the secretary’s apartment discovers the Museum of Torture and the disturbing curator who only exhibits an item he would want to use. In “The Man who sold Braces” the museum curator turns up as a beloved but errant uncle, and the nephew narrates about his relationship with him.

This collection of short stories is by Yoko Ogawa who is an internationally known author from Japan and whose works have been translated into other languages and include The Housekeeper and The Professor.


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