An Epic Fantasy Debut of The Winds of Khalakovo

Winds of Khalakovo

It is troubled times for the Duchy of Khalakovo even with their great windships and trade. The tension grows between the landed ruling classes and the native population of the Aramahn that could erupt into violence. At the same time a wasting disease is killing both people and crops that weakens the Duchy further. It seems that nothing could get worse until the Grand Duke of the Duchy of Bolgravya arriving on a windship is killed by an elemental spirit and a young boy may be linked to the killing.


Prince Nikandr of Khalakovo investigates the Grand Duke’s murder but at the same time the Prince must battle the wasting disease that has begun to take its toll on him. As the Prince digs deeper he discovers that this young boy is anything but ordinary and has special powers that could change the fate of Khalakovo in The Winds of Khalakovo by Bradley P. Beaulieu. This novel is the first book in a new epic fantasy story that deftly weaves the lives of its characters into a greater story of destiny and power struggles.


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