An Empire Crumples in Range of Ghosts

Range of GhostsWith the death of Mongke Khagan a huge power vacuum was created across the steppes as civil war broke out between the heirs of the Khagan. Temur is one of the rightful heirs that once numbered a hundred, but the civil war between the heirs has taken a toll, and only a handful of the heirs remain. Temur, who has barely survived one of the battles, must flee a ruthless uncle who is determined to kill all the other heirs and take the throne.

The war and the destruction ripples throughout the neighboring lands- even to Tsarepheth where a former princess, Samarkar, has made the sacrifice to become a wizard. Samarkar longs to be free of the power of her brother, the future king of Tsarepheth, but her freedom depends on her untried ability in magic. Her studies which are of upmost importance for her success are interrupted by the arrival of Temur and the troubles that follow him.

Temur arrived in Tsarepheth with only his horse, Dumpling, but soon finds that he might have a possible ally in Samarkar. Together they must elude capture and discover the truth behind the growing chaos and war in Range of Ghosts by Elizabeth Bear. This is the first book in the fantasy series, Eternal Sky, that takes place in a world that is reminiscent of Genghis Khan and his empire. The novel is filled with magic and legends as well as adifferent societies and cultures which creates an extensive fantasy world that is recognizable but also different and fascinating. This fantasy adventure continues with the yet to be published novel The Shattered Pillars which is due out in March of 2013.


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