A Senator’s Secrets in The Caretaker

The CaretakerRanjit Singh was a former Indian army captain who fled to the United States and is now barely able to make a living as a landscaper at Martha’s Vineyard. He is desperate for work when he is offered a job as a caretaker of a Senator’s home. Ranjit is just supposed to check on the house, but secretly he moves his family into the Senator’s home. Things are starting to go better for Ranjit and his family until one night the home is broken into by men with guns.

Suddenly Ranjit’s world is turned upside down as assailants try to kill him, and he is separated from his wife and daughter who now face deportation. The only way Ranjit can possibly save himself and his family is to discover what was behind the break-in and discover the truth about the Senator in The Caretaker by A. X. Ahmad. This is a thrilling novel where the outsider, Ranjit, must enter a world full of insider’s secret deals.


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