A Post Apocalyptic Future in Immobility

ImmobilityIt’s thirty years after the Kollaps and humanity is on the verge of extinction because the planet is almost uninhabitable. There are a few people who have changed, enabling them to survive outdoors. One of them is Josef Horkai, but since the Kollaps he has been stored in a suspended state.

A community of humans have woken Horkai up, but much of his memory is gone and no one from the community will answer his questions completely and the answers they do give are vague. It’s suspicious but the community needs Horkai to help them by traveling through destroyed lands to retrieve something vital that has been stolen.

Horkai is not in the best physical shape since he can’t use his legs, but that doesn’t stop him from embarking on his quest even though he must be carried by two men in hazard suits. Horkai’s journey is more than a physical test because he is faced with the mystery about the community and if they harbor a dark secret in Immobility by Brian Evenson. This is a novel about a post apocalyptic world which explores a decimated future and what it means to be human.


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