A Noir Fantasy in The Sword-Edged Blond

The Sword-Edged BlondEddie LaCrosse is a sword for hire, however it isn’t his sword fighting that pays the bills but his skills at detection. He’s a man that can’t be bought, and yet Eddie is filled with guilt from a mistake that has marked him for life and sent him from his homeland. Eddie never expected to return to his homeland until an urgent request for help arrives. The king, a childhood friend of Eddie’s, needs Eddie’s skills because the queen has been accused of murdering her infant son.

The evidence seems overwhelming against the queen, but Eddie believes she is being framed. There is a problem though as Eddie discovers that the queen has no memory before meeting the king. Eddie must go into both his past and the queen’s past to discover the truth in The Sword-Edged Blond by Alex Bledsoe. This is the first book in a series featuring Eddie. This novel is a blend of fantasy and noir with hints of Sam Spade in Eddie, and it has a modern feel though the fantasy element reflects a medieval world. The next book in the series is Burn Me Deadly and followed by Dark Jenny.


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