A Fallen Angel in The Taken

The TakenAbout fifty years ago Grif was murdered and became a type of angel, a Centurion, who helped the recently deceased move on to the next step, the Everlast. Then he made a mistake that changed the future and fated a young woman, Kit, to die before her time. As a punishment he’s lost his wings, been forced back into the flesh and must take Kit to the Everlast when she dies.

Kit is a reporter on the trail of a killer, but the killer knows Kit. When Grif met Kit she was still alive though about to be brutally murdered, but Grif stopped the attack and changed her fate again. Grif defies his punishment as he and Kit go after a killer, but other angels try to persuade Grif to fulfill his duty and let the killer murder Kit. Can this fallen angel save Kit in time and change her fate from dying to living? The Taken by Vicki Pettersson is a fun paranormal mystery with a romance thrown in set in Las Vegas.


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