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Eventide Eventide

Tracy and Laura Hickman’s New Fantasy Series, Tales of the Dragon’s Bard

EventideThe Dragonking is hungry for stories, and the Dragon’s Bard, Edvard, must go out into the world and find more stories to entertain the Dragonking or risk the Dragon attacking the countryside. The Bard’s first stop is Eventide where he is promptly arrested after trying to procure stories from some local ladies, but his arrest leads the Bard to an awkward young man, Jarod, who is secretly in love with Caprice.

Jarod is clueless about getting Caprice’s attention, and Jarod’s quest to win her over becomes the Bard’s main focus, but in the process the Bard discovers the many stories of Eventide. There is the cursed sundial, a wishing well that doesn’t work quite right, a farmer centaur with a past, and a gossip fairy with a secret. Eventide by Tracy and Laura Hickman is the latest book from these bestselling authors and also the first book in Tales of the Dragon’s Bard. This is a lighthearted fantasy novel of magic, humor that sometimes verges on silliness, and the everyday heroes of Eventide.


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