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Cradle Lake Cradle Lake

The Nightmare of Cradle Lake

Cradle LakeAlan and Heather’s marriage is going through a rough time. The couple has suffered miscarriages and Heather’s depression led to a suicide attempt. When Alan’s uncle from North Carolina leaves him a house in a small town, Alan decides to jump at the chance for a change. Upon their arrival the couple finds that the house is run down and covered in vines. The house is also located by the edge of a forest where Alan discovers a rutted path that leads deep into the dark woods.

Alan decides to follow the path, though his dog will not join him, and he doesn’t make it far into the woods before he turns around. His curiosity is sparked, but none of the locals want to talk about the path. In Cradle Lake by Ronald Malfi there is an ancient power hidden from the rest of the world that might change Alan and Heather’s lives but only with a terrible price.


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