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The Last Policeman The Last Policeman

The end is coming but that doesn’t stop murder in The Last Policeman.

The Last PolicemanThe world is about to end because an asteroid barrels towards earth with the impact predicted in six months. Society is breaking down. There’s no electricity, gas, and food is scarce. Some people have left their jobs, others chase dreams, or some even break down from the impending doom. So what does Detective Hank Palace do with his few months?-solve murders.

Suicides are rampant since the dire prediction and Palace is called to another suspected suicide. Some of the evidence suggests it’s not a suicide, and the detective suspects that it was a murder. Despite little support and few resources, the detective pursues the case as if there was a tomorrow in The Last Policeman by Ben H. Winters. This mystery novel goes beyond the murder by asking why should anyone care when the world is on the verge of destruction. The Last Policeman was a finalist for an Edgar Award and is the first book in a trilogy with the second book, Countdown City, due out in July.


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