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Shirley MacLaine's "Wild Oats"

Shirley MacLaine is an octogenarian, but does she want to retire? No way! Since her role as Martha Levinson on the popular PBS series Downton Abbey, Shirley has worked on six films and just come out with her thirteenth memoir!

Her newest book, titled Above the Line: My "Wild Oats" Adventure, is about her experiences working on the movie Wild Oats. It is a fascinating read, going into the craziness of making an independent film, as well as her thoughts about the ancient lost continent of Atlantis. Yes, Shirley is once again taking us to places that may have existed, or perhaps they only exist in her own "wild" imagination.

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The library owns most of Shirley's movies and memoirs. Here's a selection of her most engaging memoirs:


Here's a selection of the best Shirley MacLaine movies:

  • Terms of Endearment - A comedy-drama about the evolving 30+ year relationship between a mother and daughter.
  • The Apartment - An ambitious office clerk plans to get ahead by lending out his apartment to his boss, but falls in love with the boss's girlfriend.
  • Irma la Douce - Comedy about a young Parisian policeman and his romance with a lady of the evening. 
  • Bernie - Bernie befriends an affluent widow, and she soon becomes dependent on him.
  • The Children's Hour - Two teachers' lives are ruined after students begin to spread false accusations and rumors.
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