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Setting a Wedding Budget

One of the most stressful aspects of a wedding can be figuring out how to pay for the wedding. There are hundreds of questions to answer and it's not always apparent how expensive those choices are going to end up being or who is going to be paying for those choices. Budgeting is the first step to having an awesome wedding and there are a lot of resources to help you through it.

Deciding just how big your wedding is going to be and where its going to take place will impact your budget. One of the most important steps is being up front and honest with your partner and your families about how much you want to spend and who will pay for what. It can be awkward, but a lot of time and hurt feelings can be avoided by making sure these discussions happen.

Check out these library resources to help you budget your wedding.


Here are a few online resources about budgeting your wedding:

  • The Knot gives you some do's and dont's of creating the budget and navigating the ins and outs of doing so.
  • A Practical Wedding gives you a great breakdown of different budget tiers and how to go about actually creating a budget.
  • Wedding Wire has a budget calculator and has tools ready for helping you search for vendors and venues.
  • If you want a closer calculation of how finances might shake out? Try this calculator. It factors in the area you live and you can save as many estimates as you want after creating a free account. The site even tells you how they created the estimate (if you're interested), and you can fill out a survey to help them improve their calculations.

There are a lot of ways to save money for your big day!

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