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man holding a book infront of his face man holding a book infront of his face

Reducing Illiteracy

Today I spent some time exploring a very special city - IlliteraCity.

IlliteraCity was put together by Project Literacy to show the impact illiteracy has on our communities.

One side of the city showcases what life in the city is like when people lack reading skills. Low literacy skills negatively impact employment, homelessness, civil rights, prisons, gender equality and health.

While IlliteraCity is a depressing place to visit, along the way I saw helpful and hopeful videos about people and projects helping combat illiteracy around the world.

I was also able to rotate the city and see what life was like in LiteraCity - where people read well and are thriving. I was encouraged to see the success stories of people who had come out of hopelessness with the help of others. Stories like that of Wanda, who just wanted to be able to share reading with her kids:

I want our city to be like LiteraCity. I bet you do too. Here's a list of some of our local organizations that are helping adults who need help with literacy skills.


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