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Mexican Art Exhibit

The library is partnering with the City of Topeka and the Mexican Consulate of Kansas City a to host a Mexican Art Exhibit that coincides with Fiesta Topeka. View the exhibit in the library's main hallway and second floor July 19 - Aug 30. 

The exhibit, Simple Memories of Routine Life, features work from artist and curator Mauricio Zúñiga, who is originally from Jalisco, Mexico, and lives in Kansas City. His work includes paintings, photography, plastics and sculptures, and has been featured in galleries and venues in major cities like Albuquerque, Chicago and Kansas City.

The public is invited to view the art and meet the artist during a welcome reception hosted by Topeka Mayor Michael Padilla Wed, July 19, 5:30pm in the library’s Anton Room.

“I’m so excited that Mauricio is bringing his beautiful art to Topeka during our community’s Fiesta Topeka celebration,” said Mayor Padilla. “We know that art tells stories, and there is no one better than Mauricio to help tell the story of the Mexican-American culture – especially during such an exciting time in Topeka. I invite everyone to stop by the library to see the exhibit.”

Mauricio Zúñiga artist and curator

Zúñiga is a plastic artist originally from Jalisco, Mexico, who migrated to Chicago in 1976 where he graduated from the University of Illinois with a bachelor of design degree. He has lived in Kansas City, Missouri, since 1998.

Zúñiga has been professionally engaged in painting, photography and sculpture for 15 years and has exhibited his work in several galleries and venues throughout Kansas City, including The Late Show, as well as nationally in Chicago and Albuquerque.

He was chosen to participate in the collaborative celebration of the Day of the Dead, Multi-Tier Community Altar, at the Nelson-Atkins Museum, Kansas City, Missouri. In 2015, he received the ArtsKC Virtuose Award, which recognizes him as "an exceptional person for his dedicated volunteering in the arts and his contribution to the artistic community..."

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