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Lost in the Stacks: Kingdom Quarterback

Welcome, fellow residents of Chiefs country, to the exciting story of how a smart, talented kid from the Piney Woods of East Texas transformed football, the Chiefs and Kansas City itself. Of course I speak of Patrick Mahomes, the superstar quarterback with the phenomenal right arm. He's a magical play maker whose creativity, athleticism and photographic memory has led the Chiefs to two Super Bowl victories. In Kingdom Quarterback, authors Mark Dent and Rustin Dodd trace the rise of a young Mahomes. He is a natural athlete who excelled at baseball, basketball and football, into a world class athlete who reinvented what it means to be a quarterback. 

But wait, there’s more! Yes, lucky readers, Kingdom Quarterback isn’t just about Patrick Mahomes. It’s really a biography of Mahomes AND a vibrant history of Kansas City, Missouri (with a few forays into Kansas, never fear!). From its roots as a small cow town with outsized dreams to a future World Cup host. Kansas City boasts a proud tradition of jazz, barbecue and wildly enthusiastic sports fans. But, as the authors make clear, Kansas City has a dark past as well. They spend considerable time on the corrupt Pendergast machine that ruled Kansas City politics and the damaging racial covenants of J.C. Nichols that still resonate today. 

Altogether Kingdom Quarterback  is a must read for Chiefs fans and a wonderful popular history of our neighbor 60 miles to the east. Go Chiefs!

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