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June reads

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It's finally here: summer. It's the best time of the year for readers. Grab your pool bag and stuff it with books. If you're already an avid fiction reader, Summerfest is going to be a cinch for you. Go sign up and win prizes. It's as effortless as basking by the pool. Here are the 5 hottest fiction reads in June.

1. Palace of Treason by Jason Matthews


From the bestselling, Edgar Award-winning author of the "terrifically good" Red Sparrow, a compulsively readable new novel about star-crossed Russian agent Dominika Egorova and CIA's Nate Nash in a desperate race to the finish.

2. Precipice by Paul Doiron


When two young female hikers disappear in the Hundred Mile Wilderness, Maine game warden Mike Bowditch joins the search to find them. The police interview everyone they can find who came in contact with the college students and learn that the women were lovers who had been keeping their relationship secret from their Evangelical parents in Georgia.

3. Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins


Carolyn's not so different from the other human beings around her. She's sure of it. She likes guacamole and cigarettes and steak. She knows how to use a phone. She even remembers what clothes are for. After all, she was a normal American herself, once.; That was a long time ago, before the time she calls "adoption day," when she and a dozen other children found themselves being raised by a man they learned to call Father.

4. Third Wife by Lisa Jewell


In the early hours of a summer morning, a young woman steps into the path of an oncoming bus. A tragic accident? Or suicide? At the center of this puzzle is Adrian Wolfe, a successful architect and grief-stricken widower, who, a year after his third wife's death, begins to investigate the cause. As Adrian looks back on their brief but seemingly happy marriage, disturbing secrets begin to surface.


5. Anchoress by Robyn Cadwallader


England, 1255. What could drive a girl on the cusp of womanhood to lock herself away from the world forever? Sarah is just seventeen when she chooses to become an anchoress, a holy woman shut away in a cell that measures only seven by nine paces, at the side of the village church.

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