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Build A Solid Foundation For Your Small Business

Everyone who wants to start their own business wants their plan to succeed. Starting a new business isn't easy, but there are sensible steps you can take to build a solid foundation. By following the Small Business Administration's 10 Steps To Start Your Business and taking advantage of community resources, you'll give yourself the strongest ground to build on. Read on to learn what Shawnee County offers.

10 Steps

  1. Conduct research5 black squares with alternating green checkmarks
  2. Create a business plan
  3. Secure reliable and sustainable funding
  4. Pick a smart location
  5. Decide how your business will be structured
  6. Select and secure a name
  7. Register your business
  8. Obtain a Tax ID
  9. Secure any necessary licenses or permits to operate
  10. Open a small business bank account

Community Resources

If you only know you want to be your own boss and you have a seed of an idea, that's a good start. You can work with the Washburn Small Business Development Center and 712 Innovations to solidify and clarify what you want to accomplish.

Topeka offers many opportunities to start a small business and become an entrepreneur. Consider incentive programs offered by Go Topeka. These support you as you grow. Explore opportunities if you want to open a business or employ people in a low-income area. If you want to be a part of downtown Topeka, there are resources for you. There are also state-wide funding programs for minorities or women, or if your business will be located in a rural or metropolitan area.

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Library Resources

The library offers an array of excellent databases that can help you. We're here to support your small business dreams. We can show you tools to conduct market research and a database that is a reference center for your small business needs. You can also schedule a one-on-one appointment with a member of the library's Business and Career Team. For additional help, please go to our page for Local Resources for Small Business Development and Growth where you can find a downloadable list of Small Business Top 10 Resources that focuses on Shawnee County.


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